Thursday, October 10, 2013

Managers disease (1) - GASTRIC PROBLEMS

Managers’ disease-GASTRIC PROBLEMS
Assess the consequences of this strange and even awkward situation.
You are in the restaurant, where together with your boss you expect business partners. Waiter is in front of you:
Director: "Give us cheese and olives for an appetizer."
You (you are in the team of director): "Excuse me, I really should not because of my stomach, you know I have a problem, I'll take something light ... Do you have cottage cheese, pumpernickel bread, but without seeds, graham…"
Director: "For the main course we will have a good barbecue."
You: "Oh, I am sorry ... I will have light vegetable soup and if you have cooked meat or steak, with boiled vegetables”.
Feedback on the side: "If you had prevented it, you wouldn’t have to treat it!"

However, self-discipline in the treatment of gastritis and heartburn is very essential to cure digestive problems.
"Managerial" way of life, including partly unhealthy lifestyle, is found in every business man. As time flows, the risks rise. Among the first casualties is the digestive system, stomach and intestine. List of diseases is great: gastritis, heartburn and ulcers, and often malignant tumor (this is the most common order of problems).