Thursday, September 19, 2013

Instead tablets flax seeds for gastritis!

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Gastritis symptoms
To ease the pain for gastritis various plants are in use, some protect the stomach mucosa and esophagus, some reduce stomach acidity, and some even operate anti-inflammatory. One group of plants contain plants mucosa that gently coats the stomach mucosa and thus protect it from the aggressive acid, but also from aggressive remedies like anti-inflammatory drugs or drugs that people most often independently are taking, without any medical supervision for different causes of pain (headache, rheumatic problems ...). The best known plant that contain a mucosa is-FLAX (Linum usitatissimum). When having gastritis, you do not take flax seeds without prior steeping in water! Due to less irritation, we suggest the use of grind up flax seeds, not whole grain.

Recipe is: take the 300-400 mL lukewarm water, put 4 tablespoons of grind up flax seeds in it, stir and leave it for one to two hours, of course, without a warm up (at room temperature). This quantity is the daily dose. Distribute it in 3 smaller doses in the following way: stir well the mixture of water and flax seeds that are releasing mucus, take about 1 dl of mixture and drink before breakfast, taking care of drinking everything, including flax seeds. Second dose (again after mixing) you drink before lunch, and a third at night. This plant is suitable for longer in taking. Its mucosa reduces chronic inflammations, and it is allowed to take it for a month or more days. Besides for gastritis, thus prepared flax seeds are helping with constipation (and in healthy people will not cause diarrhea), and with bowl movement.