Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tips for self-help and nutrition in gastritis

Tips for self-help and nutrition in gastritis
Gastritis Symptoms
It is recommended the regular intake of daily meals - more often but smaller portions, skip the late evening meals and avoid stomach mucous membrane irritation by strong spices, or too high and low temperatures of food and beverages, aerated drinks. It is desirable to avoid food that is known to causes reflux (stomach acid restoration in the esophagus) and are as follows:

-tomato and tomato products
-citrus fruit (lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit) and citrus juices
-onion and garlic
-pepper, chili pepper
-coffee, strong tea and products with caffeine
-Peppermint and products that contain it
-fried food, food rich in oils and fats
-spices (especially chili, pepper)

The diet should give priority to fruits (non-citrus) and vegetables, cereals and dairy products that fermented, avoiding large quantities of meat. Quit smoking, avoiding alcohol, and reduced use of anti-inflammatory drugs is necessary. It is advisable to remove the daily stress in the greater extent.