Friday, September 20, 2013

How to solve chronic gastritis?

How to solve chronic gastritis?
Gastritis Symptoms
The word psychosomatic disease indicates that some psychological factors and influences may act on the physical condition and disease. For example, extended, long-term stressful state (state of tension, anticipation, discomfort, fear) can lead to physical symptoms, and even physical consequences. So it is well known that to some diseases to a significant affect may influence psychological factors. These are gastritis, elevated blood pressure (hypertension), thyroid diseases ...

Internists for several years now advise patients with these diseases to change the style of life, which includes change of diet, exercise, and psychological measures. In the first place, this means the removal of stress (when possible) and reducing the consequences of stress. One of the good removal techniques of removing the consequences is stress relaxation. Relaxation can be carried out through various hobbies (very good hobbies are those in which you move around - so at the same time you are working on physical activity, which was organized by a third person, so the time when you deal with it is already set, because if you set the time yourself, very often you will give priority to something else and forget about your hobby in which other people are participating).

Because of this - enter or engage in any activity that you think is interesting (a sports club, course in sewing, dancing and singing). Besides hobbies, there are specific techniques and methods of relaxation. These are the breathing exercises (abdominal breathing), exercise of progressive muscle relaxation, self-control. This exercises are easy to learn, and can be implemented almost in every place and any time of day.