Monday, September 2, 2013

Must patients comply with certain dietary rules?

dietary rules
Therapy with drugs, with a mild form of gastritis as the only procedure, is supported by nutrition. There are real pitfalls, because patients often (because of the understandable lack of knowledge about the sequence of the normal digestive process, and on pathological events in the stomach they don’t not know a lot) reach for various written materials about the "healthy eating", which in their case is not as effective in terms of improvement of subjective problems.

The basic message would be to try to take smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day, because it ensures the protection of the mucous membrane with taken food. The rule is that taking large quantities of fruits and vegetables (especially raw) will exacerbate the problems, while the more rigid and easily prepared food (cooked without strong spices and fat) will work better to protect the lining. Often in practice we find that patients in the morning as the first meal eat fruit, which is unacceptable in gastritis. It is also common situation today that post-menopausal women because of proven or supposed osteopenia or osteoporosis are taking large quantities of milk, yogurt and extra calcium tablets, which also worsens subjective pain in gastritis.