Thursday, October 10, 2013

Managers disease (1) - GASTRIC PROBLEMS

Managers’ disease-GASTRIC PROBLEMS
Assess the consequences of this strange and even awkward situation.
You are in the restaurant, where together with your boss you expect business partners. Waiter is in front of you:
Director: "Give us cheese and olives for an appetizer."
You (you are in the team of director): "Excuse me, I really should not because of my stomach, you know I have a problem, I'll take something light ... Do you have cottage cheese, pumpernickel bread, but without seeds, graham…"
Director: "For the main course we will have a good barbecue."
You: "Oh, I am sorry ... I will have light vegetable soup and if you have cooked meat or steak, with boiled vegetables”.
Feedback on the side: "If you had prevented it, you wouldn’t have to treat it!"

However, self-discipline in the treatment of gastritis and heartburn is very essential to cure digestive problems.
"Managerial" way of life, including partly unhealthy lifestyle, is found in every business man. As time flows, the risks rise. Among the first casualties is the digestive system, stomach and intestine. List of diseases is great: gastritis, heartburn and ulcers, and often malignant tumor (this is the most common order of problems).

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How to treat gastritis?

How to treat gastritis

Treatment depends on the cause of gastritis. Medications that neutralize stomach acid (antacids) or other medications that reduce stomach acid secretion will usually drive away the symptoms and improve / weaken the illness. Drugs and means that can cause gastritis should not be used (alcohol, non-steroidal anti rheumatics, iron preparations, etc.)
On the market there are two groups of preparations for the reducing of gastric acidity: H2-antagonists (ranitidine, cimetidine, famotidine) and proton pump inhibitors (omeprazole, pantoprazole, lansoprazole).
Treatment of gastritis caused by H. pylori is a combination of antibiotics, blockers of acid secretion and gastric mucosa protective. Currently the most accurate is triple therapy with two antibiotics against H. pylori in combination with drugs that block the secretion of acid or with protective (azithromycin + amoxicillin + omeprazole). It relieves symptoms, kills its cause and prevents relapse (return of the disease).

Tests and diagnosis of gastritis

Tests and diagnosis of gastritis

Suspicion of gastritis can be found after the history and clinical examination being taken, as we have mentioned for many conditions and diseases. In mild cases additional treatment is not required.

To obtain a definitive diagnosis usually are recommend the following tests:

Laboratory findings (complete blood count, liver, kidney tests, blood sugar level, SE, iron)
test of Helicobacter pylori (proving ACUTE INFECT)
antibodies to H. pylori, proves you have been in contact with the bacteria but it is not present in the stomach at the time
Tests of occult blood in stools
Stomach X-ray examination

What are the causes of gastritis?

What are the causes of gastritis?

Mucosa that covers the stomach protects it from acid which breaks down food. Factors that undermine homeostasis cause mucous membrane damage and inflammation which is called gastritis.
These factors are:
Bacterial infections. People infected with the bacteria Helicobacter pylori may have stomach pain, usually gastritis. About half of the world's population is infected with the bacteria but not all have problems. Why some have an inflammation or ulcer, and some not - it is not clear: many other factors influence it: stress, smoking, lifestyle, food, and genetics.

Monday, September 30, 2013

What do I need to know about gastritis symptoms?

What do I need to know about gastritis
If symptoms last for longer than 7 days, be sure to consult a doctor and you must note if you are taking any medication for pain or osteoporosis. Drink and smoke?

With the fall, frequent are stomach problems: it is known that gastritis and ulcers in the stomach occur more in spring and autumn.
We often hear from friends, relatives: "I have gastritis. It is the stress."

We want to clarify what gastritis is, how it occurs, how is it treated and at the end: how to prevent it?
The word itself means inflammation of gastric mucosa and may result from infection with the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, using of anti inflammatory medication (type Voltaren, Aspirin, Ketonal, Brufen etc.), and certain traumatic injury which disturbs the homeostasis of gastric mucosa.

Gastritis can occur suddenly and then we talk about acute gastritis and can last for years, in which case it is a chronic gastritis.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What are the symptoms of gastritis and how to treat it?

What are the symptoms of gastritis and how to treat itGastritis Symptoms

Burning sensation in the upper part of stomach, vomiting, nausea, flatulence, belch ... are just some of the symptoms of gastritis. Gastritis is inflammation of gastric mucous membrane, which may, but also may not be the precursor of boil.
Rare are the people who occasionally are not suffering from gastritis. However, if you smoke, drink lots of coffee, eat spicy foods, drink alcohol, then you are surely in high-risk group.
Gastritis usually attacks the elderly, but this does not mean that young people will not have such problems. Apart from alcohol, smoking, spicy food, gastritis may be a result of taking certain medications, for example, aspirin and anti-rheumatics as a result of viral and bacterial infections.
If you suffer from gastritis, first of all, consider your lifestyle. If you are one of those who drink cups of coffee and smoke a few cigarettes early in the morning, then change your morning ritual, and certainly before the first sip put at least something in your mouth. Soda drinks and strong flavored foods are damage to you.

Recommendation: Eat a banana first thing in the morning.
When you have an attack of gastritis, you should stop eating for a while and then take light boiled foods, in small quantities. Avoid lemon, orange, grapefruit, and sour food.
Also be careful with larger quantities of dairy products (especially sour yogurt)! If a pain in the stomach continues to bother you, take antacid - a cure for the annulment of acidity.

If you are tormented by gastritis for a long time, it would be smart to contact the doctor, who will probably make X-rays and (I) gastroscopy, take a sample of tissue for biopsy to determine the exact cause of the illness.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tips for self-help and nutrition in gastritis

Tips for self-help and nutrition in gastritis
Gastritis Symptoms
It is recommended the regular intake of daily meals - more often but smaller portions, skip the late evening meals and avoid stomach mucous membrane irritation by strong spices, or too high and low temperatures of food and beverages, aerated drinks. It is desirable to avoid food that is known to causes reflux (stomach acid restoration in the esophagus) and are as follows:

-tomato and tomato products
-citrus fruit (lemon, tangerine, orange, grapefruit) and citrus juices
-onion and garlic
-pepper, chili pepper
-coffee, strong tea and products with caffeine
-Peppermint and products that contain it
-fried food, food rich in oils and fats
-spices (especially chili, pepper)

The diet should give priority to fruits (non-citrus) and vegetables, cereals and dairy products that fermented, avoiding large quantities of meat. Quit smoking, avoiding alcohol, and reduced use of anti-inflammatory drugs is necessary. It is advisable to remove the daily stress in the greater extent.

Friday, September 20, 2013

How to solve chronic gastritis?

How to solve chronic gastritis?
Gastritis Symptoms
The word psychosomatic disease indicates that some psychological factors and influences may act on the physical condition and disease. For example, extended, long-term stressful state (state of tension, anticipation, discomfort, fear) can lead to physical symptoms, and even physical consequences. So it is well known that to some diseases to a significant affect may influence psychological factors. These are gastritis, elevated blood pressure (hypertension), thyroid diseases ...

Internists for several years now advise patients with these diseases to change the style of life, which includes change of diet, exercise, and psychological measures. In the first place, this means the removal of stress (when possible) and reducing the consequences of stress. One of the good removal techniques of removing the consequences is stress relaxation. Relaxation can be carried out through various hobbies (very good hobbies are those in which you move around - so at the same time you are working on physical activity, which was organized by a third person, so the time when you deal with it is already set, because if you set the time yourself, very often you will give priority to something else and forget about your hobby in which other people are participating).

Because of this - enter or engage in any activity that you think is interesting (a sports club, course in sewing, dancing and singing). Besides hobbies, there are specific techniques and methods of relaxation. These are the breathing exercises (abdominal breathing), exercise of progressive muscle relaxation, self-control. This exercises are easy to learn, and can be implemented almost in every place and any time of day.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Instead tablets flax seeds for gastritis!

woman take pills
Gastritis symptoms
To ease the pain for gastritis various plants are in use, some protect the stomach mucosa and esophagus, some reduce stomach acidity, and some even operate anti-inflammatory. One group of plants contain plants mucosa that gently coats the stomach mucosa and thus protect it from the aggressive acid, but also from aggressive remedies like anti-inflammatory drugs or drugs that people most often independently are taking, without any medical supervision for different causes of pain (headache, rheumatic problems ...). The best known plant that contain a mucosa is-FLAX (Linum usitatissimum). When having gastritis, you do not take flax seeds without prior steeping in water! Due to less irritation, we suggest the use of grind up flax seeds, not whole grain.

Recipe is: take the 300-400 mL lukewarm water, put 4 tablespoons of grind up flax seeds in it, stir and leave it for one to two hours, of course, without a warm up (at room temperature). This quantity is the daily dose. Distribute it in 3 smaller doses in the following way: stir well the mixture of water and flax seeds that are releasing mucus, take about 1 dl of mixture and drink before breakfast, taking care of drinking everything, including flax seeds. Second dose (again after mixing) you drink before lunch, and a third at night. This plant is suitable for longer in taking. Its mucosa reduces chronic inflammations, and it is allowed to take it for a month or more days. Besides for gastritis, thus prepared flax seeds are helping with constipation (and in healthy people will not cause diarrhea), and with bowl movement.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to prevent Gastritis?

prevent Gastritis
Watch the diet!. If you have digestive problems try to eat smaller meals more often and avoid food that causes problems, especially very spicy, sour and oily food. Avoid alcohol Stop smoking! (all bans, then what remains in life ???). It has been proved that smoking damages the stomach mucosa and increases acid secretion, which results in inflammation (gastritis) and can cause stomach cancer. In fact smoking is one of the most important factors in the making of stomach cancer. Avoid anti-inflammatory anti-rheumatics like Voltaren, Brufen, Ketonal. For pain, use paracetamol (Lekadol, Neofen).

It is usual to use paracetamol for fever ( as antipyretic ) but we forget his excellent analgesic effect without the undesirable effect on the stomach mucosa. Reduce stress in your life. How to do it? If you can not affect the environment, influence on yourself: learn to control stress! And it is much easier if you eat healthy, good food, exercise regulary, have enough sleep and rest, and learn to relax.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

How is gastritis revealed?

How is gastritis revealed
The diagnosis of chronic gastritis is done by endoscopy; the patient is referred to the gastroscopy. Gastroscopy provides visualization of the stomach lining, so the doctor describes in the findings whether and in what form and extent some part of the gastric mucosa is macroscopically changed (if there is inflammatory redness, are there visible damage-erosion, hemorrhage, ulcers, growths, etc.).

In addition, during the endoscopic examination, due to the precise definition of the diagnosis and planning of treatment, samples of tissue are taken for histological diagnosis. Pathologist after specific treatment of so obtained samples of stomach mucosa sets the final diagnosis. Often patients come to the gastroenterologist with the findings of previously done abdominal ultrasound or X-ray of stomach and diagnosis of gastritis, but those results, although they help eliminate other possible cause of the problems, are not diagnostic for chronic gastritis. Patients often avoid the gastroscopy, because of the discomfort, but it is crucial because of taking the findings for histological analysis, because in patients with minimal pain for an extended time, the histological findings could be serious

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Antral Gastritis

Antral Gastritis

Gastric inflammation is a cause not clear and limited to antral chronic non-specific inflammation of gastric mucosa due to edema, hyperemia, inflammatory cell infiltration and fibrous tissue proliferation and thickening.
Antral gastritis showed upper abdominal fullness, pain, or pain, Changcheng periodic seizures, can be accompanied by belching, acid reflux, vomiting, anorexia, weight loss, etc., chronic gastric inflammation also showed loss of appetite, persistent abdominal pain , hemorrhagic anemia. Antral gastritis multiple lesions confined to muscularis mucosa can also be spread to the muscular and serosal layers. Antral mucosa showed edema, hyperemia, inflammatory cell infiltration and fibrous tissue hyperplasia, of which the most obvious submucosa.
The closely related factors and mental disorders, mood swings or fear, tight, can exacerbate the symptoms. The parasympathetic nervous system stimulant, also easy to attack. Some patients with gastric inflammation, the Fu Teng symptoms similar to duodenal ulcers, chronic gastric inflammation easily misdiagnosed as gastric cancer, gastroscopy to be done to differentiate.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Must patients comply with certain dietary rules?

dietary rules
Therapy with drugs, with a mild form of gastritis as the only procedure, is supported by nutrition. There are real pitfalls, because patients often (because of the understandable lack of knowledge about the sequence of the normal digestive process, and on pathological events in the stomach they don’t not know a lot) reach for various written materials about the "healthy eating", which in their case is not as effective in terms of improvement of subjective problems.

The basic message would be to try to take smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day, because it ensures the protection of the mucous membrane with taken food. The rule is that taking large quantities of fruits and vegetables (especially raw) will exacerbate the problems, while the more rigid and easily prepared food (cooked without strong spices and fat) will work better to protect the lining. Often in practice we find that patients in the morning as the first meal eat fruit, which is unacceptable in gastritis. It is also common situation today that post-menopausal women because of proven or supposed osteopenia or osteoporosis are taking large quantities of milk, yogurt and extra calcium tablets, which also worsens subjective pain in gastritis.